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Make Your Merger or Acquisition a Success
We Work on Mergers And Acquisitions Worldwide!
The term Mergers and Acquisitions can be explained as the consolidation or merger of two companies which result in the formation of a New Company. An acquisition is also a consolidation of companies by whereby one company purchase or acquires another but a new company is not formed.

We are highly experienced in the funding of mergers and acquisitions for a wide variety of industries where companies have a common goal and focus of producing success.
Mergers and acquisitions are critical for the sustainable and profitable growth of corporations even today, not only for their core business activities but also for the future value-generating activities.

Therefore, the key is a well planned Pre-Merger Due Diligence. Successfully planning and initiating a merger requires sound strategies and a deep understanding of the operational, financial, legal and cultural issues of the associated individuals and companies.

These strategies go a long way in eventually determining the values that are to be attributed to the target for the acquisition as well as the amount one is willing to invest for such a merger.

As such, working in advance with the auditors, appraisers, tax advisors and attorneys to form a complete and detailed target profile allows the concerned parties to be as fully informed as possible when making any decision.

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Project Range: $7.5M-$500M+
On the premise that a single firm can combine Funding and Professional Consulting, we can stimulate optimal performance for its clients. Since inception, our success has come from its culture, which strives to foster the same values that help any business succeed: Hard Work, Common Sense and Integrity. 
gilles herard merchant banker mergers acquisitions
gilles herard merchant banker mergers acquisitions
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